SHILLS Magical Hair Volumizer

SHILLS Magical Hair Volumizer


Price: RM36

• 24hrs lasting effects
• 3Xs instant volume up effects.
• Light and natural volume up results.
• Just 3 minutes to get a perfect volume up unique hairstyle.

Main Ingredients: 
Vitamin B5, myrtle essential oil, wheat germ gluten hydrolyzate, triethanolamine.

Create 3 times hair volume with this unique volumizing spray. Set natural volume UP wavy hairstyles for a perfect look. Strong and long lasting effects that is non-sticky and with hair finishing is as light as air.  Achieve a 3D volume even with thin hair!  Simple, convenient, easy to use and does not block pores Do away with lifeless and superficial hairstyle. Volume up your hair today!

Simple, convenient, and easy cleaning will not cause pore blocking.

Spray directly onto hair and style. Can be applied on both wet and dry hair. When spraying onto hair roots, allow a distance of 10 -15cm. When styling with spray,  do not remove your hands/fingers from the hair immediately, hold for 3 seconds and release slowly. Alternatively you can use your fingers to hold the hair towards the direction required. Please keep product in the cool dry place away from sunlight and high temperatures.


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