SHILLS Cherry Blossom BB Cream Review

SHILLS Cherry Blossom BB Cream Review

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Box Side View

Box back view
Dirty packaging

Before apply Cherry Blossom BB Cream

Step 1: Squeeze a small amount of BB cream

Step 2: Spread the BB cream by using fingers/makeup sponge
Difference after first layer of BB cream
Scent: Mild & light floral smell
Suitable for: Normail/Oily Skin that does not have serious freckles or scar.
Skin color: Fair to normal
Texture: Dilute and thin
Coverage: Low to moderate but coverage can be increased with multiple layers.
Packaging: Bad, the black color tube looks very dirty when the BB cream is all over the opening.

This Shills BB Cream is thin and more hydrating and it will not make you feel uncomfortable and sticky after wearing it. It will leave the face looks ghostly white if you apply a thick layer in the beginning but after few minutes the BB cream will blend into your skin color and give you a fair and pinkish color because of the shimmer.

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